Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pitcher's Duel

Just a quick video clip in case anyone's curious.
I wouldn't dare review it since I'm British and therefore know nothing of Baseball. :p

Note this is not a Vectorzoa game-
Just a clip of the recently released Pitcher's Duel title launched at CGE2007.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick update

Hi folks, No updates in while, been a combination of work commitments and holiday over the last few weeks, and then finally this weekend just as I was limbering up for a Vectrex day.. serious back probs! :( Hopefully be back in the saddle for next weekend. The Eurocon release is in no danger.

Meanwhile though, my Pitcher's Duel finally arrived. Thank's to Sean for the black one and (a no doubt reluctant) Mayhem for my greenie! ;)

P.S. Looks like Blogger are now supporting movies, so expect some clips as things develop.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day 7 - Improving Presentation

A productive session. Firstly as promised I improved the collision detection. The 3 frame pic above shows: (note the blazing sun!)
  1. how bad it was
  2. overzealous detection
  3. just right
I added the parabolic reflector, I think it looks pretty cool. Note also how I have removed the collision clash zone boxes as I thought they were offending the eye. Of the two bars at the bottom the higher one shows "how hard" the Vectrex is working, clearly a good sign that we appear to be on about 60% remaining output at the moment

This final pic shows again the laser emitter and also three cities at the bottom, these will be Player One's lives. I'm not entirely happy with these at the moment so if anyone wants to offer a Vector sketch of a "missile command style" city then feel free to email me. I'm looking for something of less than 24 lines, preferably that can be drawn without taking your pen from the paper. :)

As you can see the cities have taken a fair bit of processing cycle to draw. (We're down to about 40% remaining.) I'll need to keep my eye on them.

Compiled code size 5785 bytes