Saturday, September 02, 2006

Eurocon 2006

I (Alex) will be attending Eurocon 2006 representing Vectorzoa and am very much looking forward to meeting some more of the Retro Community, living in the South-west leaves me far from the Vectrex action so it will be good to say hello to my more Northern based UK friends, (and the remaining Europeans I did not meet at RGD 2006 in Holland!) My priorities will be social and I do not expect to bring many items to sell, although I will bring a few.

Regarding Joust Evolution there have been statements on other sites and here that it will be released at the show; I would like to revise/clarify this: Joust Evolution will be launched at the show in some form. I would expect one of the following:
  1. Joust (Classic) only will be made available in very limited numbers. Probaby a production of less than 16 in total, the majority will be offered to Eurocon attendees as priority at a fixed (and very reasonable) price and the remainder put out to ebay auction following.
  2. Failing that (due to baby etc.) Joust Evolution in its current form will be demoed (Vectrex console availability permitting.)
Joust Evolution the full release will follow afterwards, hopefully within late 2006. It is important for me to include original concepts in my games and I do not want to rush the Evolution components of the game. I hope upon release you will all agree it was worth the wait! Joust Evolution will be released in my usual production run of circa #80 Limited Editions.


Mayhem said...

As someone who is helping out organising and putting together Eurocon (along with Jon and Steve), then rest assured, we are looking forward to the potentially large Vectrex interest and will hopefully have at least 2 Vectrexes operating. Plus 3D Imager. Look forward to getting my hands on something Joust related :)

Roberto said...

I'm looking forward to trying a 3d imager :-)