Monday, October 30, 2006

Eurocon 2006 Charity Mayhem

Take a dozen hardcore retro gamers, a one off unlocked Spike's Circus and a unique Gold (coloured) engraved Vectorzoa Spike's Circus tag, the mighty Pepijn as enthusiatic auctioneer (shown) and a very deserving charity to benefit and you get a receipe for genorosity.

With a starting price of £30 and a great crowd, the bidding got pretty intense, when the bidding hit £200 we were all getting pretty scared so a few odd carts, a lightpen and slimcards were thrown in to try to distract us all from the pressure. Undetered the UK's own collector and gamer extraordinaire- Mayhem went on to win the auction with a very impressive and genorous bid of £300! Many thanks to Mat for his terrific contribution which will combine with other auction items and contributuions to go to The Starlight Charity which provides amongst other things games consoles to help grant children's wishes and entertain children in hospital.

If you would like to help Mat please click on the link here and make a donation.

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