Monday, November 05, 2007

Joust Evolution Auctioned

(This article in a draft pending a little more time to complete)

In a somewhat unplanned move, but inspired by the rekindled memories of the charity auction of Spike's Circus in the last Eurocon and following lengthy discussions with John Macallan (who made the physical carts) I found myself auctioning Joust Evolution for the Starlight charity which provides Games Consoles for children who are ill in hospital.

The item actually auctioned is a combination of Vectrex items which occured to me at Eurocon and are listed below: (this may change as further items come to light)
  • The unique sand filled transparent cased Joust Evolution Cart originally intended for CGE2007
  • A unique solid yet transparent cased Joust Evolution Cart used as a prototype for the above.
  • The binary of the final state of Joust Evolution
  • Miscellaneous other development Joust related binaries
  • The transfer of the rights to the carts, binaries and Joust Evolution itself (excluding original source code)
  • The promise that no Joust Classic or Evolution will ever be released by Vectorzoa in any format at any time.
  • The promise that the source code will never be released without express permission of the auction winner (and also at the discretion of myself)
  • The 5 (# TBC) Joust overlay prototypes that were produced by Madtronix
  • A short breakdown of the ROM binary explaining parameters and addresses of note for possible customisation by the winner.
The auction itself took place around 3pm on Sunday 04 November 2007.

An edited version is shown below. This can be removed if anyone objects to its publication.
  • The starting price was 50 euros.
  • The auctioneer is Hakan
  • The ebay charity reserve was quickly hit by SS at 250 euros.
  • We join the bidding as PB astounds the room with a bid of 800 euros!

The final winning bid was 1025 euros by Mayhem!
(this equates to 713 GBP or 1484 USD)

Confirmation of the donation will be published here when received by Starlight.
(Similarly I will also post when I receive full payment for Joust)

Note: Martijn Wenting and Jeroen Sanders were both kind enough to donate items to the same charity. This raised a further 65 euros which will also be forwarded to Starlight.

1 comment:

Todd Markowitz said...

I commend you on raising such
a large sum of money for Starlight,
but I'm dismayed at the fact that
I cannot get your port of Williams'
Joust for my beloved Vectrex...
I absolutely adored that game, and
spent many quarters as a kid trying
to master it. Since Mayhem! now
owns the rights to it, how would
I go about contacting him in order
to possibly buy a cartridge or
get a copy of the binary?

Best regards,
Todd Markowitz