Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day 5 - 2 mins very well spent!

Yes!!! Cooking on gas today! Literally spent 2 mins on this, (spent more time on the photos!) Even better I saved a byte on storage. As you can see the dark matter has cleared off and the beams travel as intended. The left pic shows a beam entering from top right, hits reflectors (numbered spiralling clockwise inward from bottom left) 4,3,2,1,4 in turn. (and yes I like using the same reflector twice.) Pic on the right is a little more complex. Beam hits (4,3,2,4,1,3,) Nice. (OK, I admit I'm chuffed! From now on we should be set. Not sure when I'll do the finer collision detection, it's no biggie. Next step will either be some sprites or a second beam. Have to see what mood I'm in. I doubt it will be long until my next session. (Thanks to J.K. Rowling's latest cash cow.)

And the hero of the day is the small dot you see in the top right of the second pic. This enabled me to realise what the bug was. It shows the screen edge detection was correct all along. (Drowning man, at the time.) So armed with this knowledge I was able to see I was only plotting the total number of segments that the last reflection required to hit the edge of the screen. Muppet! Thankfully a problem identified is a problem solved.

Actually I did spend more than 2 mins, I spent another few mins adding the ability to move each reflector. Remember we had selection and rotation in Day 4, so I added moving if B3 is held down and J1 tweaked. Beam direction has now shifted to J2.

Snuck a new pic in.. (Dark with ISO400)
Compiled code size 5266 bytes

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CR said...

Thanks for all the behind the scenes coding blogs. I find them very interesting.