Friday, July 06, 2007

Day 1 - Power up!

Having been away from Vectrex for 8 months, I thought it might be time to fire up the little beast and see what happens. So this morning I cleared my computer room, plugged in my Vectrex dev PC, rewired everything up and crossed my fingers. I ran into a few difficulties first this setup was much less elaborate than last years arrangement, for one I was only planning on using 1 monitor. In an amazingly inconvenient turn the EPROM simulaor software insisted on only "displaying" on the second monitor position, (which wasn't present any more) no amount of display setup config would stop it whizzing off the start bar and out of the screen! Eventually I managed to find the keyboard shortcut to move a window without the mouse. Alt-space, down, enter (eventually.) Not a pleasant start! Second problem was the EPROM simulator wasn't recognised by the vectrex, just constant Minestorm! Thankfully this was easily solved, I unplugged the sim and plugged my second one in instead. I'm assuming it was just a bad combination of Vectrex and cart edge, hopefully all these snags are behind me now!

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