Tuesday, October 23, 2007

8K barrier passed

Few more hours on Solar Wars today. I built upon the previous sessions level loader by producing a few levels, and added a level select feature. (Which forced the title screen too; below) I tried some fairly complex scenery which enabled me to encounter the accumulative error shown below (the beam on the left should bounce off the mirror.) I've improved this so it doesn't occur any more, but I'm not convinced its perfect yet, and will test further another time.

The 3 screen shots below show some aspects of game play. The left frame is the P2 laser firing into some fixed scenery, the centre frame shows the P1 laser firing into the same scenery but with a single mirror object present, and the third frame shows the orignial P2 laser bouncing on the same mirror in the same position. (Emphasising that the same mirror can be used by both players independently.)
The next session will involve fully cloning the P1 functionality onto the P2 joypad (and disabling the debug scope that shows along the bottom and is controlled by the P2 joystick at the moment.) Then some two player game testing will commence!

Compiled code size 8535 bytes


VectrexMad said...
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VectrexMad said...

Hey Vectorzoa, it seems to be coming along quite nicely!
keep the good work going...