Monday, October 01, 2007

Putting the game together

A few more hours today, all went rather well. I'm pleased that the code let me add the odd test/branch here and there to begin shaping the game play. Today was really about behaviour and adding constraints to improve the player experience:
  • added energy bars to the solar emitters / players
  • added damage to the mirrors
  • added visual bars to show their status
  • switched the object indexing from integer to pointer based
  • enforced cursor switching
  • restricted moveable objects to those owned by each player
  • restricted moveable objects to those not being fried by a laser
  • restricted object movement to when the player has sufficient power
  • out of bounds collision detection for the cities
  • status of cities
  • mirror destruction
  • mirror spawning
  • All 4 buttons mapped and functioning.
The screen shot shows an energy bar for solar emitter and separately for the specific mirror at P1's cursor. Some of the P2 cities have been destroyed.

Oh, and I finally got around to moving the sun into ROM, freeing up about 100 bytes of RAM!

Next step: Designing Levels!


VectrexMad said...

Let me know if you need a Beta tester!

cNp said...

Just caught up on the blog, not read the entries with video clips until now. How's level design going? Will this be 2 player only? How is it doing AI on the Vec for a CPU opponent?